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Our serene little date spot

Last summer I surprised my husband with a twilight picnic at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden for our anniversary. Neither of us had been before, and we were pleasantly surprised. The food was just so good, and the wine and beer pairings were perfect. We were worried it was going to be cloudy but things cleared out while we ate and we were treated to a great sunset too.

Since then we’ve been back to visit a couple times, once when my parents were in town and then just the two of us to explore during winter as well. It was a good spot for my parents too since the pathways make for pretty easy walking and there’s so much to see.

My favourite part is definitely the Aga Khan Garden. The terraces, water and pathways create this serene space that I know I’ll never be able to describe perfectly. You really just have to see it for yourself!

Aisha and Mark

“You really just have to see it for yourself!”

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